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Unicorn Parties have been a huge hit lately, so we've created a custom package to perfectly fit this theme. Dazzle your guests with fabulous glitter face paints, make unicorn horn headbands at craft corner, & Choose between adding henna tattoos or unicorn balloons! Create your Fanciful Experience today!

&Entertainment is accepting of all faiths & will happily put together an experience based around your traditions! 

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Papa Keji's andventures

Papa Keji at the Park.jpeg
Papa Keji said, "Hey friends, let's play."
So they went to the park to have fun all day.
When they arrived, who did they see?
Aysuda & Luco climbing a tree.
"Hello!" He shouted with joy & delight,
But Aysuda, that trickster, disappeared from sight.
"Boo!" from behind him, she giggled & squealed.
Papa Keji startled, rolled down the hill.
They laid out a blanket & a basket of food,
which Yassa snuck away, 'cause she's hungry & rude.
After a day filled with play, fun & tumbles
all of their tummies began to rumble.
So Keji volunteered to bring back more snakcs.
Aysuda pulled a scary book out of her pack.
While he was away, she read to the gang
about ghosts & warewolves & teeth & fangs.
When Keji returned, they were shaking with terror.
This of course was Aysuda's error.
"I'm sorry!" She said "I thought it'd be fun."
She knew she really had messed up this one.
Tricks can be silly & full of good laughs,
but don't be mean just to get a reaction.
So they all joined hands & sang a song
to get that book out of their heads
& keep playing all day long.