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Santa's Little Helpers

2 of Santa's helpers will stop by with so many goodies for you! they have stories, songs, balloons, coloring pages, candy canes, games & Christmas magic! 

If you have any presents to hand out, the elves will take care of that too for photo opportunities! give the gift of magic at your holiday event!

&Entertainment is accepting of all faiths & will happily put together an experience based around your traditions! 

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Papa Keji's andventures

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The Santa Game

In December, in homes

all over the world,

There's a strange little game

that's played.

When the children are told to

be "good boys & girls"

& find presents on

Christmas Day.

Brought by a man in

a furry red suit,

that they took pictures with

while shopping.

Sometimes you can see

where he stepped with his boots,

in the game,

while he filled your stocking.

But what's the real story

behind this strange man

what's the deal with the Santa game?

Cuz if you don't play,

I'll admit that it can

seem odd to downright insane.


In a land called Patera,

which is far, at least,

depending on where & when you are,

Lived a little boy bishop,

who grew up as a priest

& monk under the catholic star.

He was known for his kindness

& it's even said

that he gave away all of his wealth.

He would go out at night

wihle most were in bed

with gifts for the needy

& those in poor health.

His name was St. Nicholas,

If you haven't guessed,

he gave presents to people,

he did.

But he focused on those in the world

who had less

Like impoverished people

& kids.


In those days, they'd hang stockings

by the fire, with care

when they were wet & needed to dry.

Once, he threw a gift through a window,

right there,

& a stocking caught the surprise.

The surprise, sometimes,

he'd drop presents,

down chimneys, oh yeah!

That's where that bit comes from

& he had a day to celebrate

the kids in Patera

so, the Santa Game was begun.

That's why it's the season of "giving",


Not "getting" as it sometimes may seem.

Think of who you can help

in the month of December

Not on presents that you might receive.